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British units issued with Arisaka variants at the start of WW1

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British units issued with Arisaka variants at the start of WW1

Post  alte junge on Fri 28 Jun 2013, 2:19 pm

Found this information and as always when you find something startling, who do you share it with? You guys......

Of the 150,000 Arisaka rifles obtained by Great Britain at the start of WW1 to supplement supplies, approximately 128,000 went to Russia once SMLE production had peaked. A few also went to Lawrence and the Arabs and there were about 17,000 left in store at the end of the war which were eventually sold in 1926 and probably ended up in Finland.

From unit markings, it would appear the following units were issued with Arisaka variants. The rifles are usually marked on the stock or receiver tang. This list of course is far from complete as not all rifles were so marked and were drawn from ordinary production.

Type 30 (Pattern 1900) Rifles
2nd Dragoons
6th Northumberland Fusiliers
7th Northumberland Fusiliers
Unknown unit Yorkshires

Type 38 (Pattern 1907) Rifles
4th East Lancs
8th Essex
14th London
8th Manchester
2/13 London
2/5th East Surrey
17th London (Poplar and Stepney Rifles)
4th Queens
15th Civil Service Rifles
2/13 County of London
2/21st Londons (First Surrey Rifles),

Type 38 Carbines
Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry
Sussex Yeomanry
Unknown unit Berkshires
2nd Worcestershire

Type 44 Carbines
Royal North Devon Hussars
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